The Rose Scarf Collection

Editorial w/ Amelie Roth & Magnus Lechner

The Scarf Collection was inspired by our late summer trip to Reggio Emilia in September 2020. We visited an old balsamic vinegar manufactory and stayed in the beautiful, historic villa on-site.

It turned out, the sisters running the whole thing, are crazy about roses. So the garden was filled with several rose species, coming in all kinds of shapes and colors. In this inspiring surrounding, I naturally started drawing. Later I found out why our room was called „Gertrude Jekyll“, it is named after a special kind of rose, like all rooms. Also, Gertrude Jekyll was one of the first female garden designers. Yes, they really are crazy about roses.

We got lucky that our friends Amelie and Magnus recommended us to this truly unique place called Il Borgo del balsamico. But not only that, Amelie Roth is an art director, and Magnus Lechner is a fashion photographer. The perfect combination to work together on this editorial shoot and remember the great times we each had.

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