As an illustrator, I am inspired by the plants growing in my studio and all around me. Working with all kinds of techniques, my artworks and illustrations can be transferred onto many different settings and mediums: From magazines to packaging, from walls to, of course, textile. One of my basic techniques is to combine fragile black lines with aquarelle color and always a hint of natural incidents.

  • nkm Adventskalender 2022

    The nkm Adventskalender 2022 is a combination of clean and classy colors and warm, romantic Christmas illustrations. 12 doors with high-quality natural cosmetics and many surprises hidden.
    Get cozy with this new calendar design, available here:

  • Jo Malone London Masterclass

    Masterclass for Jo Malone London – showing Jo Malone`s clients how to add a colorful illustration to your gift box using the cornflower for a natural vibe. Or create a nice flower arrangement, for a special surprise when you open your Jo Malone London gift box, including lots of herbs such as sage and rosemary for a fresh smell. Fitting perfectly with their new perfume collection.

    Jo Malone London

  • 52 Floral Sketches

    52 Floral Sketches out of my sketchbook from the past year, collected together into a tear-off calendar for 2022. Graphic design by Marie Damageux, risograph print in 6 different colors by Herr und Frau Rio. Finest uncoated paper, 18x13 cm.

  • nkm Atelier Product Illustrations

    Say "hello" to the new Naturkosmetik München bottle design!
    For the past 1,5 years, we carefully worked out the perfect plant illustration for every single product together. I am so proud to be such a big part of the nkm appearance.

    The new nkm bottles were specially designed for their optimized reusable system so that every component can remain 100% in the cycle. Instead of glued-on labels, the glass bottles are now decorated with robust ceramic paint. The attachments can be granulated after use and formed into new attachments. Even the pipette can be washed and reused. The new nkm bottle combines innovative solutions for a new sustainability standard.

    Graphic design: Khor
    Product design (bottle): Dominique Beolet
    Photo: Wolfgang Müller

  • Floral Collaboration

    Teaming up with Nora Khereddine, I created 6 floral postcards and two beautiful wildflower seed sets. Delphinium, Clematis, and Echinacea, plus two different varieties of Cosmos and Poppies are riso-printed on finest, uncoated paper.
    The two seed packets include 33 different wildflowers. They are easy to grow and loved by butterflies, bees, and other insects. Both printed by the Munich-based risography studio Herr & Frau Rio.
    Check out Nora‘s beautiful Store at Westermühlstrasse 21!

  • Buttercup Notebooks

    In collaboration with the Munich-based printing studio Herr & Frau Rio, I developed this colorful Notebook Set. Inspired by the Buttercup Silk Scarf, we combined bright colors with the finest uncoated paper. Riso printed and manufactured in Munich.
    The Buttercup Notebooks are your perfect daily companion and fit perfectly into the leather covers from Herr & Frau Rio.

  • The Satin Dahlia Edition

    This special collaboration came to life during a summer vacation at Il Borgo del Balsamico's beautiful guest house. I was sitting in the garden and enjoying the many flowers and plants around me. When I started drawing, Cristina, one of the owners of the place came to me and ask me to create a new balsamico satin together with them.
    Here comes the result, we are very proud of the Satin Dahlia Edition!
    Order here: Il Borgo del Balsamico

  • Salut Skateboards x Steffi Bauer

    A series of 3 skateboards, produced in collaboration with the German based Skate brand Salut Skateboards.
    Fragile Flower illustrations combined with a second layer of vibrant color, screen printed on to the skateboards. The collaboration also contains a special edition T-shirt with a monochromatic flower-artwork screen printed on 100% organic cotton.
    Available soon online at Salut Skateboards and in selected skateshops around Germany.

  • VOGUE Germany Icons

    A while ago, Vogue Germany asked me to illustrate a new look for their highlight section on Instagram. The final drawings got a modern touch and honest look.

    Have a look: Vogue Germany!

  • Amazonen Tea

    A beautiful collaboration between Amazonen Magazin and Artemisia, needed a floral Illustration.
    This pleasant, relaxing herbal tea blend supports the feminine aspects of life. Hand-picked, gently dried, and hand-cut / hand-pounded, this tea mainly contains intact leaves and flowers, in which the aroma is preserved as best as possible. You will taste it! Order here:

    Photos: Jasmin Breidenbach

  • Timeline for nkm Atelier

    NKM natural cosmetics asked me to illustrate the development of their brand for their flagship store which is based in the heart of Munich. The result is a timeline showing the main steps from establishing the brand in 2018 to opening their first shop in 2020. Creating this was a great way to learn about the impressive story of Marieke and Alex, the founders of NKM.
    Together with KHOR designer Lisa Khun and interior designer Anne Schädlich, I had the pleasure to create the structure of the artwork. We will continue to work on the branding of NKM’s packaging soon –stay tuned!
    If you want to see the artwork live or just like natural cosmetics, check out their beautiful store in Müllerstr. 10 in Munich.

    Photos: Mali Waychodil
    For: NKM Atelier

  • Untersuche deine Brust!

    This Artwork depicts the process of examining your breast. It is informative and fun to read at the same time. In consultation with several gynecologists, I put emphasis on this work to be absolutely accurate and correct in terms of medical science.
    Nobody ever actually showed me how to do a breast exam in an easy way regularly, so I hope this will reach as many women as possible. It comes in a handy size, so that you can include this important routine in your everyday life.

    All profits will be donated.

  • Flower Illustrations

    While I apply multiple techniques of bringing ink on paper, aquarelle remains one of my favorites. Combined with black lines, the flower illustrations became my signature artworks.