Textile Design Workshop

I would like to invite you to my Textile Design Workshop. You don't need any prior knowledge for this workshop, just a desire to paint and design. We start with a simple textile print technique, that is supposed to free your wrists and your head from everyday stress and tickle creativity out of you.

I will introduce you to the basics of fabric design and teach you many different techniques on how to create your own fabric. We work with water-based textile paint, textile stamps, chalk and much more. I will also provide insights into how your design can be further developed in digital fabric printing. We design on super high quality fabric (linen or cotton). At the end you will receive a package made from your own fabric design and sketches. I look forward to you!

Scope - 4 hours
Kazmairstr. 46 in 80339 Munich

Registration/ Anmeldung

Photos: Nikolas Tusl