I usually start analog, with pen and paper. This gives my work the natural irregularity that I find important. While I apply multiple techniques of bringing ink on paper, aquarelle remains one of my favorites.

After digitalizing the artworks, I work out rapports. That allows to apply a pattern endlessly in any direction. Always keeping the ideas and requirements of my clients and collaboration partners in mind, I create print-ready files that are ready to be used for production. For limited editions, I sometimes apply artworks directly on textiles or objects.

As an illustrator, I am inspired by the plants growing in my studio and all around me. My artworks combine fragile black lines with aquarelle color and always a hint of natural incidents. I often develop my artworks based on personal feelings, cultural developments or social incidents – I process what I experience through my work.

As a professional and a human being, I feel responsible to foster sustainability, a view that I try to consider for myself and offer to my clients.

Photos/ drawing: Anna Aiche
Photos/ textile: Andreas Schreiner
Video: Mali Wychodil