Mixed Feelings Collection

Photos by Jane Baehren

The mixed feelings collection combines upcycled materials with sustainable manufactured textiles. It was inspired by old textiles I found in the basement of a family member we lost last year. In times of struggle, we often find ourselves with mixed feelings.

The tragedy of a personal loss and the lack of outside impulses in a pandemic has made creative work harder for me temporarily. That is why I didn’t work out a concept for this project, I just went with my intuition and got lost in the process.

Losing someone is also a process, it reveals what you had but also what you still have and value. I’m healthy, I have a great partner, family, and friend circle, and can continue my work through uncertain times.

Christl Hammerand helped me to find the right cut for the old textiles and to give them a new life. With the assistance of Mali Wychodil, the editorial shooting was realized. I was happy to win Photographer Jane Bähren and the two models Sha and Chiara for the shooting. We spend a beautiful day together, something I also learned to value in a new way.

The Mixed Feelings Collection expresses the joy and connection that can come from loss and neglected objects and gave me the strength to be ready for the next struggle.

Photos: Jane Bähren
Video: Mali Wychodil