Faces of Lisbon

Lisbon in May seems like a paradise for winter shaken, mid-european people like me. While visiting, I had the impression that only a few people are actually living in the city centre though. The rest was us tourists. Walking through the small streets and looking at the beautiful empty houses, a poster on the side of the street caught my attention. It was a hand drawn picture of a young man with glasses. It said: "Oscar precisa duma casa em Lisboa" - Oscar needs a home in Lisbon. The ambiguity of this beautiful city struck me, so I started to collect more logos, ornaments and drawings. It was the start of "Faces of Lisbon", a project about finding home. 

Model: Coletta 
Photo:  Anna Aicher 

The Swimsuit is printed and sewed in London, made of a 100% matt lycra.

Coletta_45 001
Coletta_41 001
Coletta_32 001
Coletta_33 001
Coletta_01 001
Coletta_28 001
Coletta_17 001