Beam of light 


The idea of this hand painted textile design is to show the process of how our eyes work. Together with the opticians Jules and Mel i worked out a concept, which was shown in our exhibition "Beam of Light" beginning of March.
Within the design of the fabric you find elements that indicate the pupil, the retina, rays of light and as well the objects from which the light reflects, in the form of plants.
This textile is the main part of the exhibition, additional to that there are 3 different Riso prints, have a look: Beam of Light Prints
In collaboration with´╗┐ Jules and Me

Model: Lisa Grimm
Film and Photos: Maly Wychodil

beam of light_lisa steht
beam of light_stoff auf der Stange
beam of light lisa_sitzt augen zu
lisa als statue
beam of light_lisa an der wand
lisa polaroid-4